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You Are Not A Super Hero – Making The Decision to Outsource

SuperheroA few years ago one of our clients recounted a women’s networking lunch she had recently been to. The women on her table were all very successful in business and had achieved highly in their various areas of expertise. What our client couldn’t get over were the comments they were making, such as “….and I still do all my own housework” or “…..oh no, I don’t have any help. I can do it all” and how proud they all were of this fact. My client laughed as she told me this story and explained that she couldn’t believe these women put themselves under such pressure to be superwomen, as though this is what was expected of them.

As I left her house, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said. Is this really what we expect of ourselves? Is this what we expect of others?  Are we trying to be superheroes in our own lives when really we are putting ourselves under more and more pressure to do everything and be everything, even though, deep down, we know this isn’t possible?

My client had continued her story by telling me, “my friend and I have a competition to see who can outsource the most not the least!”

Wow! I love this idea! An outsourcing competition. What if you were a winner if you outsourced instead of ticking off the most tasks on your ‘to do’ list in a single day.

What if outsourcing,  instead of “doing it all” made you the new superhero?

Think about it, what defines a superhero? Someone who can change the lives of others? Someone who can make major impacts in the world? Someone who maximises their potential? Someone who can leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Well how on earth can you do this when you are standing behind an ironing board, mowing the lawn, washing the car or standing in line at the grocery store?

It all comes down to evaluating whether you are making the best possible use of your time.

  • What could you be doing whist ironing all those shirts? Playing with your children?
  • What could you be doing instead of mowing the lawn? Getting to the office an hour early to prepare for your presentation?
  • What could you be doing instead of washing the car? Going to the gym?
  • What could you be doing instead of the grocery shopping? Coaching the local tennis team?

We all get into the trap of doing what we think we should be doing. But is doing all of these things going to make you a superhero in your own life? Are you maximising your potential whilst on your hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor, or spending Saturday driving here there and everywhere trying to find the best deal on a new fridge? Could someone else do this for you?

Outsourcing isn’t about failure. It isn’t about admitting that you can’t do it all and feeling shame. Outsourcing is about maximising your potential and getting the most out of every minute of your day. Outsourcing is part of being the new superhero.

Everytime you undertake a new task, I want you to ask yourself, is this the best use of my time? Am I winning the oursourcing competition? Are you one of the old “I can do it all” superheroes? Or are you one of the new superheroes who can outsource like nobody’s business!

Ready to become a superhero but not sure what to outsource? Take a look at our website or contact us to have a chat or arrange a time for us to come and meet with you. We love helping people become superheroes!

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