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Terms & Conditions

The below terms & conditions cover all services provided by Lifestyle Elements unless otherwise advise. Please note some of our packages have slightly different terms, which are described in their store listing or on our website.

Hourly rates are charged at 15 minute intervals, with a minimum 15 minutes for ‘in office’ jobs and minimum of 45 minutes for ‘out of office’ jobs, with ‘office’ referring to the Lifestyle Elements offices.

No travel costs will be charged for locations within 10km of the Adelaide city centre. For locations outside of this distance, a travel fee may be charged.

In some cases where only very short notice is provided a cancellation fee may be charged.

Our hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm. Any bookings made outside of these times may incur a $10 per hour surcharge.

Standard phone call and administrative costs are included in the hourly rate. However, STD, International and some calls to mobiles may be charge additionally. All postage costs will be charged additionally.

Any purchases made on behalf of the client must be paid for in advance. However, if the purchase is small, a 7 day term may be negotiated. For regular services such as ironing and grocery shopping it is recommended that an automatic direct debit be set up.

All third party suppliers are charged additionally at standard market rates.