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Abbie Allen
Lifestyle Elements Founder

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So, what is a personal concierge?

The personal concierge industry is still relatively new worldwide, so of course the majority of you won’t know what a personal concierge is, or how you can use us. To find out the types of things we can help you with, take a look at this page here. If you’d like some more ideas, there is a blog post here and here that will give you some more insight. Plus read all about a day in the life of a personal concierge, with one of Lifestyle Elements own, Emma Jones.

Who really uses Lifestyle Elements?

The types of people who use us varies greatly so we’ve put together a few case studies to provide you with some examples of how they use us. These are based on real people and the real tasks they have asked us to do for them. You should also take a look at out testimonials, from the people who have used us (and many who uses as every week!).

Organisations use us too!

Many of our clients access our services through their organisation’s Corporate Concierge program. You can find out about our Corporate Concierge service here. You might also be interested in our Corporate Concierge Pilot Program, so you can try us out and evaluate the fit for your people. Plus find out if a Corporate Concierge is right for your organisation, and 5 reasons to try a Corporate Concierge

The big question – how much does it cost?

Our ‘Rates‘ page is easily the most popular page on our site. We totally understand. Many people think of a concierge service as a luxury service and believe there is just no way we can afford it. You can read how we answer that question, and many others, on our FAQs page. Then dive right into the nitty-gritty of our Rates page an discover the flexibility to make using a personal concierge a reality in your life.

Check out our blog

Lifestyle Elements is passionate about improving the work life balance with everyone we interact with. Our blog is one of the ways we share information and provide ideas.

Some of Abbie’s most popular blog posts include:

We also have some posts from fabulous guest bloggers:


Taking the first step – How to get started with Lifestyle Elements!

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