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  • “Lifestyle Elements enable me to have work life balance as they do so much that gives me time to enjoy my life outside work. Nothing is too much trouble.” Allison Ashby, AME Recruitment, Adelaide SA

  • “Like many people these days, I have a very busy work and family life. Lifestyle Elements has significantly reduced the stress of managing the many demands on my time by taking responsibility for routine tasks (weekly grocery shopping), to the occasional (home maintenance and painting) and to the one-off requests - such as arranging an 18th birthday party, including the bouncer!”

    Philippa Schaedel, National Day Surgeries, Adelaide  SA
  • As a business woman and a mother of five children, time is of the essence to me, and the choices I make about what to do with my time ultimately underpin my success. Put quite simply, Lifestyle Elements gives me time back in my week and allows me to focus on the things that I am passionate about and that need my direct influence – my family and my businesses. Tim and Abbie take care of essential parts of my life that don’t have to be done by me in person. From shopping to cleaning; car services to quote gathering;  home repairs to tradespeople management and even helping cast surprises on my team at Christmas. I value them and the time they save me - they have become an integral part of my support network.
    Kylie Bishop – CEO, Entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor, SA Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2012.
  • If you're time poor and the day to day grind overwhelms - let Abbie help! I have had the pleasure of working with Abbie on many occasions. She is reliable, efficient and highly professional all while maintaining a warm and friendly approach. There has never been a job too big or too small for Abbie and I would happily recommend her services to my friends and family.
    Mardi Kaye, Director, Therapia, Adelaide SA
  • “Thanks so much for everything Abbie – you’ve been brilliant! I would definitely use your services again.”
  • Abbie and Tim (Lifestyle Elements) are my favourite resource for whenever I need to get stuff done and am short of time. Working a full time job with two business adventures on the side it's often difficult to find time to take care of the busy work, the random stuff that needs to be done from time to time to keep my life on track. With their help I am able to focus my energy on my work, career, health and happiness. Over the past few years I have found them to be very reliable and responsive to my needs and have used their services to help organise and complete a wide variety of tasks including home renovations, rubbish removal, gardening, laundry as well as for emergencies with my electricity and water supply and probably a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now. It's really simple, whenever I have a problem I just send them an email or a text message and it gets solved. Thanks for your help guys and best wishes for the future.
    Loc Tran
  • “Just doing my shopping alone on a weekly basis has given me more quality time with my children. I couldn't live without it now.” Liz, Adelaide  SA

  • Lifestyle Elements has been a boon to myself and my business. Nothing is ever too small or too large for them - and the quality of service is superb. As the owner of a business it can be tough getting everything done and still finding time to lead a balanced life. Abbie and her team are at the core of my ability to do that. From picking my car up from the airport after an emergency flight to contacting clients while I was stuck in London due to the Icelandic volcano; from finding staff members to organising a Xmas Tree and gift wrapping to arranging holidays, Abbie's team is reliable and efficient. I recommend them very highly.

    Ganga Harvey, Indra Process and Performance Consulting, Adelaide  SA
  • “The service provided by Lifestyle Elements is an enormous positive for us. The package we’re providing acts as a great staff benefit for our senior management team. It improves staff retention for us, and it provides a reward to the staff concerned (and more importantly, to their families) which just feels priceless. Its a huge stress reliever. It gives us all more hours in the day to do the things we want to do – with Lifestyle Elements helping us with the things we all have to do.”

    Simon Hackett, Former Managing Director, Internode
  • Sometimes life gets busy! Ok so all the time life is busy! I thought a personal concierge is a novelty for the rich and famous.. It certainly made me feel like I was rich and famous! The ease of placing a job request and knowing it was going to be completed while I attended to the other 20 things on my list, was priceless! I strongly recommend the services of Lifestyle elements, even if you think your request is silly.. I bet they've done it before!

    Kylie Weinmann, Teacher and Mum, Adelaide