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Case Studies

Lifestyle Elements Case Study – Internode

Internode approached Lifestyle Elements when they were seeking a tailored solution to deliver greater Work Life Balance to their Senior Management Team.

In consultation with Internode’s Human Resources Manager, Lifestyle Elements developed a Corporate Lifestyle Program which met the needs of both the organisation and the Managers who would be utilising the service.

The biggest challenge for Internode was knowing that, by offering a Work Life Balance program to their Managers, they would not be able to go with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every individual was different, with different issues and problems, and the Managers at Internode sought a variety of solutions to gain better balance in their lives. Flexibility and the ability to offer the Managers a wide choice of services was key. It was also important that the Manager’s family also benefit from the program, to provide balance for the whole family.

To best serve their Management Team, Internode decided to allocate each member of the Management Team with 3 hours of personal concierge services per week. Internode is invoiced for the hours used by their staff, and detailed statements of hours used and purchases made are provided to the individual Managers, which remains completely confidential.

Below is a list of just some of the ways Internode Managers have used the services of Lifestyle Elements:

  • School pick up & drop off including taking to after school activities
  • Ironing, washing & dry cleaning pick up & delivery
  • Grocery shopping including unpack
  • Taking elderly relative into Rundle Mall for shopping
  • Coordinate house move including removalist, rubbish removal and cleaning
  • Drive cars to and from mechanic and pick up new car for test drive
  • Arrange cleaners, gardeners, electrician, plumbers, handymen etc.
  • Organise house for open inspection
  • Research and coordinate electronic appliance purchases
  • Birthday and Christmas present shopping including catalogue sales
  • Care for house, water garden and check mail while away, including fridge restock
  • Pet care including feeding, walking and grooming

Internode Managing Director, Simon Hackett, says: “The service provided by Lifestyle Elements is an enormous positive for us. The package we’re providing acts as a great staff benefit for our senior management team. It improves staff retention for us, and it provides a reward to the staff concerned (and more importantly, to their families) which just feels priceless. Its a huge stress reliever. It gives us all more hours in the day to do the things we want to do – with Lifestyle Elements helping us with the things we all have to do. “