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Corporate Concierge

You care about your staff.

You want them to focus on what they do best.

You need a practical solution to support their wellbeing.

And it needs to be straight forward!


Of course you do! But how?


A Corporate Concierge Means

Instant relief  |  The Job Gets Done  |  Staff Are Happy


“The service provided by Lifestyle Elements is an enormous positive for us. The package we’re providing acts as a great staff benefit for our senior management team. It improves staff retention for us, and it provides a reward to the staff concerned (and more importantly, to their families) which just feels priceless. It’s a huge stress reliever. It gives us all more hours in the day to do the things we want to do – with Lifestyle Elements helping us with the things we all have to do.” Simon Hackett, Managing Director, Internode

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The People Who Use Us

Travelling Executives – who need help to support family at home, gardens and pets care for, or emergencies dealt with.

Busy Parents – who may work long hours and want to reduce the juggle of work and lief

Staff Returning To Work – from illness, a new baby, stress leave – they need support to do their best work.

Support Staff – who want to deliver their best possible work, are taking on tasks outside of their job role, or see a need to delegate specific tasks

Anyone Who Needs More Time – with elderly parents to look after, major project deadlines, taking on a new role, or going through a major life event.


What We Take Care Of

Run out of time to buy a present for tomorrow’s wedding?

Get the call that the in-laws are coming to stay?

The hot water system explodes just as you’re leaving for work?

Feel that your beloved dog is getting neglected at home?

Not sure you can manage work and a new baby?

Moving house and just don’t know where to start?

Lost your luggage in transit and need a suit for the big meeting?

Now idea how you’ll get Mum to her doctor’s appointment?

Forgot to book a hire car for next month’s holiday?


Lifestyle Elements has provided an outstanding service to myself and other executives within my team. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable, efficient, and truly professional service.


What You Get

A happier, more productive staff who are focused on the organisation.

A loyal workforce working to achieve the company’s vision.

The ability to position yourself as an employer of choice.

A practical way to attract and retain staff.

A staff benefit which matches individual needs.


Contact us and take the first step in designing a corporate program to suit the distinct needs of your business.


“Available on short notice. Friendly, efficient, personable. The service is filling a particular niche in the market… assisting with businesses – helping their international guests settle into Adelaide.” Jill Hart, HR Officer – Kellogg Brown & Root, Adelaide SA