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You want more balance in your life. You want to know your tasks have been taken care of. You want to focus on the important things. You want support when things get hectic.

You have a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm but you never seem to get more than one or two things crossed off. You would love to not only tick off all those items on your list, but also know that when more things crop up, life starts to get hectic or an emergency happens, that you have the support you need to manage it all.

  • Run out of time to buy the present for tomorrow’s wedding?
  • Always doing your grocery shopping when everyone else is in the supermarket?
  • Constantly find yourself saying ‘when I have some free time I’ll…….’?
  • Finally realised it is simply impossible to do everything?

This is exactly where a personal concierge can help you!

You may be a busy executive or their executive assistant, a business owner, working part-time and parenting full-time, looking for a way to support your staff with work life balance, a carer, a volunteer, or studying full-time. You’re busy and you’d love a support team!

You’ll love working with us if:

  • You want to get the absolute most out of your life
  • You would like to have your cake and eat it too
  • You know that balance is ever changing
  • You’re not afraid to ask for help and become a power delegator
  • You love having fun, having drinks with friends, quietly reading a book or playing cowboys & indians with your kids

“Sometimes life gets busy! Ok so all the time life is busy! I thought a personal concierge is a novelty for the rich and famous. It certainly made me feel like I was rich and famous! The ease of placing a job request and knowing it was going to be completed while I attended to the other 20 things on my list was priceless! I strongly recommend the services of Lifestyle Elements, even if you think your request is silly…I bet they’ve done it before!” Kylie Weinmann, Teacher & Mum, Adelaide

We can help you by:

  • Taking on personal tasks you don’t need to be doing: grocery shopping, product research, managing tradespeople, dry cleaning, errand running
  • Organising functions and events: balloon deliveries, equipment hire, venue research, audio-visual requirements, invitation preparation
  • Providing support to your staff and clients: corporate concierge, on-site concierge, rewards & recognition programs, VIP concierge
  • Helping with the last-minute things: delivering a lunch box to school, taking a family member to the doctor, picking up a gift
  • And more!

Clients who get it!

We work with a huge variety of clients, but there are many commonalities:

  • They realise can’t do it all themselves, and are ready to find their support team
  • They are excited to email or phone us with their ‘to do’ list and let us tick off all the items
  • They want to know that their money and time is being used wisely and appropriately
  • They love making use of our team of concierges and suppliers, having support at their finger tips

Let’s get started!

Take a look at our personal concierge, personal assistant and corporate concierge services. Check out a few of our blog posts, read what our client’s think of us, or connect with us for a free phone or in-person consultation. And don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter and receive your FREE copy of our e-book ’50 Work Life Balance Ideas for your Organisation’