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2 hours
A great way to trial our personal concierge service and get stuff done. For new clients only.

$60 per hour.

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10 hours
Tick off all those items on your to do list which you simply never get to.

$60 per hour.

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20 hours
You may consider a weekly booking to help manage the ongoing, plus all those things that crop up.

$58 per hour.

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50 hours
Have the flexibility to ring us at any time, knowing you have hours in credit.

$55 per hour.

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Just want to purchase by the hour? Our hourly rate is $75.00 incl. GST per hour Buy Now

Would you prefer we invoice you direct? Simply contact us to arrange.

Still have questions? Please visit our FAQs page or get in touch.

No risk!

All hours remain in credit for 12 months.

With regular statements you’ll know exactly how your hours are used.

All time will be agreed with you before tasks are undertake.

No surprises!

Our standard casual rate includes travel costs (up to 10km from the city centre) and standard phone call costs – we won’t surprise you with these on additions on your bill!

If we need to make international calls, a large number of calls, or need to travel extra distances, we will always discuss this with you prior to undertaking all the work.

We never want our clients to be surprised when they receive their invoice!

“I want you do do my grocery shopping. But how do you pay for my groceries?”

For groceries, or any purchases we make on your behalf, we simply ask that you provide us with funds up front. This can be in cash, but most clients prefer to transfer money directly into our account, knowing that it will remain in credit if it isn’t used, and that we provide them with regular, detailed statements on how their money has been spent.

For clients where we are making regular purchases on their behalf, they find it easier to set up a direct debit to our account on a recurring basis, that way they know they don’t have to worry about falling short. Plus, if their credit builds up, we’ll always let them know if they can pause their transfer for a time.

The nitty gritty

Discounted rates only apply to hours purchased in advance.

If you don’t use all your hours in one booking these hours will be credited to your account. This credit will stay in our database and can be used by you for further bookings.

Our standard hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm bookings can be made outside of these days and times but will incur the surcharge as detailed above.


For answers to even more questions, please visit our FAQs page.

le Porter - Australia - Subscription Butler Service - Adelaide
Tidy house. Fridge stocked. Errands run. Yes! We’ll do it for you!
From $55 per week.

le Porter is Lifestyle Elements’s newest brand, to make access to our personal concierge service simple and easy.

le Porter is a new and unique business within Adelaide. Aligning with our parent business Lifestyle Elements Concierge, we’ve created a subscription housekeeping service, providing an amazing in-home experience for our customers where we simply get their tasks done. We ensure that our clients are excited to walk into their homes after their Porter has been. We complete the tasks they love to hate – making the bed, folding the clothes, washing the dishes, watering the plants……whatever is on their list, we do it for them…exactly the same…every visit.

To find out more visit our website