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Our Kiva Loans

Each year at Christmas time, instead of gifts, we are thrilled to support, on behalf of our staff and clients, business owners to realise their dreams and take care of their families.

Lifestyle Elements is proud to make loans through Kiva, the microfinance network. If you’re interested in making a loan, you can click here.


Our Loans


Roth – Cambodia

Roth is a 44-year-old married woman with three children.

She and her husband make and sell beds. She has been running this business for six years.

She will use this loan to purchase more wood for making beds to sell in her store. By taking this loan, she can get more income to expand her business and change her family’s living standard.

In the future she wants to expand her business, open another business (selling groceries) and send her children to universities.

Her major challenges are the rainy season and high price of wood


Raukani - KivaRaukani – Kenya – Completely paid back!

Raukani is a married woman with one kid who attends school. She owns a house that has electricity but no piped water. Her largest monthly expense is food for the family.

Raukani operates a grocery stall selling vegetables. She sells at the market to town dwellers and to neighbors. She faces a challenge of high cost of transportation to her place of operation. 

With the KES 20,000 she wants to purchase green vegetables, two crates of tomatoes and onions for resale. She decided to join Yehu to access loans to boost her business.


Herminia – Completely paid back!Herminia_Kiva

Herminia runs a sari-sari (variety) store. She sells goods ranging from eggs, seasonings, edible oil, assorted canned goods, biscuits and soft drinks. Aside from running a store, she also raises hogs. She is a 53-year-old, married woman and has three children with one still attending school.

She decided to avail a loan from CEVI to invest in pigs, feed and groceries for the store. With the presence of these, she can maximize its resources, enabling her to maintain the flow of its merchandise. Thus, she can start to save and invest in another possible business to become more progressive.

Herminia is determined that she will become successful someday to be able to continue support the needs of her growing child.