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Take back control of your ‘to do’ list!

Here it  is!

I’m thrilled to share with you  tips & tricks I have to share with you to use Evernote as the ultimate ‘to do’ list.

The video goes for about 11 minutes, and will share:

  1. How to register your Evernote account,

  2. The steps to create a ‘tickable’ to do list,

  3. How to share your list with others (great for grocery lists!),

  4. and, the online, desktop & smartphone versions for access at your fingertips.

  5. Plus – clip webpages, create notes, creating notebooks, and using search tags.

And, we’ll share some of our own tips for managing your ‘to do’ list and how to make delegation easier.

Like what you see? Have some ideas for us?

Please share your comments below!