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Corporate Concierge – Your Lifestyle Support Team

Yes, it all sounds great but I just can’t see how a
Corporate Concierge service would work for us?


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Then give us a try!

We have designed our Corporate Concierge Pilot program specifically for those organisations who love the idea of offering a Corporate Concierge service in their organisation, but just need to see it in action.


Now you can try our

4 Week Corporate Concierge Pilot Program!

  • Have your staff try our services

  • Your very own on-site concierge

  • Select a package to suit your organisation

  • On-line portal for 2-way communication

To find out more about our Corporate Concierge Services and how we can bring our lifestyle support team to your organisation as part of our special 4 week pilot program, simply fill in your details via the link below and you will be sent an email with all the details.

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I want to book it in!

Know you’re ready to try the Pilot Program? Contact Abbie Allen on 0407 972 694 or and we will get started!