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Case Studies

Work, Study, Kids
One of our clients is a family in which the husband works full-time, whilst the wife studies and looks after their three children. It is difficult for them to manage all the things in their lives, especially whilst the husband is working long hours. They use our personal concierge services to undertake their grocery shopping, ironing pick-up and delivery, as well as regularly taking their cars to servicing and repairs. We also conduct any research or errand running as required. Using our service has meant their weekends are available to spend as a family, and the grocery shopping does not need to be undertaken with 3 children in tow.

Executive Couple, Investment Properties, Travel
Another of our clients is a busy executive couple, both working in their own successful businesses. When the regular arguments over who would do the Thursday night grocery shopping each week got too much, they decided the best option would be to outsource their grocery shopping needs. This has been a great relief to them. They now have us care for their rental properties, as well as managing their own home when they are travelling. We regularly hear how glad they are to be able to hand over these items.

Single Parent, Groceries, Repairs
As a single mother with two children, the simple task of outsourcing her grocery shopping to us each week has made a huge difference in our client’s life. In addition, we are available to assist when other issues arise such as plumbing repairs and coordinating deliveries. We are pleased to know that such regular services improve our client’s wellbeing so much.

Elderly, Shopping, Appointments
One of our lovely elderly clients loves it when we take her out shopping to do her groceries. As she no longer has a driver’s licence, her independence is still very important to her. Not only do we help with the groceries, we also stop and share a coffee at her favourite cafe. Other days we may take her to doctors appointments or pick up some items that are out of her way. Not only is she happy, but her busy family know she is being cared for.

School, Pets, Emergencies
School drop off and arranging pet grooming, as well as grocery shopping and ironing are just some of the services we regularly undertake for another of our family clients. With a husband regularly travelling and children living in two different houses, things began to get complicated. Now, in addition to supporting them in these areas, we also help them with ad hoc or emergency situations such as flood damage and house renovations. It is wonderful to be a regular support in their lives.

Overseas, Documents, Properties
An ex-Adelaide resident, now living overseas, uses our services to manage his personal mail, finances and rental properties. Communicating via Skype and email, he knows that he has someone reliable, on the ground, to manage all those tasks that are simply impossibly not that he is not living in the country. We receive his mail for him, liaise with his professional service providers and undertake any virtual assistance or errand running when it just makes more sense to have someone else do it for you.