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10 Things Your Personal Concierge Can Help You With

10 Things Your Personal Concierge Can Help You With


When people first find out about the existence of a personal concierge service, they are often overwhelmed. They’re often thinking, “Yes, it all sounds amazing, but how on earth could I possibly use the service?”

Ultimately, the ways you can utilise our personal concierge service is endless. However, to get you started, here are just 10 examples of tasks we have completed for our clients.

  1. Arranged to have a garage door repaired


2. Organised a corporate ‘Amazing Race’ event

3. Hung some Christmas lights

4. Stocked up at IKEA

5. Organised a framing quote

6. Put together a bookshelf

7. Coordinated picture hanging

8. Tidied a garage

9. Coordinated tradies

10. Unpacked from a move

So – have these ideas gotten the juices flowing? Think we can help you, or someone you know? Please just ask – there isn’t much we haven’t done but we’re always up for a challenge!!