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How She Does It by Rebecca O’Rourke

I often am asked how I manage my business and a young family and love sharing my tips.

~ Do what works for you and your family. There is no cookie cutter approach.

~ Get the right support and outsource time-consuming tasks such as cleaning and shopping. You can’t do it all! I use Lifestyle Elements Concierge and

~ Allow your husband or partner to share the load with you. My husband Dan is the most hands-on dad and an incredibly supportive husband.

~ Have a routine but be flexible and try and have a laugh when the wheels fall off.

~ Try and schedule one day a week when you hang out and do nothing but chill out as a family, couch, movies, outside, whatever works for R&R.

~ Be kind to yourself and know that it won’t be perfect all the time but tomorrow is a new day. If something isn’t working change it.

~ Get sleep (this can be tough with babies and heavy workloads) but try your best to go to bed early!


Rebecca O'Rourke


Rebecca O’Rourke is the Managing Director of O’Rourke PR, a finalist in the SA Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2014, and one of our lovely clients!

Do you have your own tips on how you manage the juggle of work and family? We’d love to share your tips with our readers and feature you in an upcoming blog post. Please email Abbie for more information.