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The Ultimate Don’t Do It Yourself

This week sees me exactly 10 months away from my wedding day! It is incredibly exciting to imagine the day to come – family and friends, pretty dress, future-husband at the end of that aisle – however for the first time in my life, thinking of an event 10 months in the future feels like an impossibly short amount of time to get everything ready! As the To-Do list grows and I am constantly reminded of all the little details that go into making it a great day, it is becoming clearer than ever that this is the ULTIMATE occasion to practise delegating in my own life. The irony that I am finding this difficult is certainly not lost on me!

We believe wholeheartedly in the extreme benefits of delegating and outsourcing. The benefits of focussing on what makes you happy and letting someone else take care of the things that don’t. However, in the planning of this wedding, all of these things that I know to be true, disappeared from my mind and I have slipped back into the common and damaging mindset that I can do it all myself and I HAVE to do it all myself. That my wedding will somehow no longer be my wedding unless I have stressed and worried and contributed to every single tiny detail of the day.

To Delegate? Or Not To Delegate?

I had to stop and think this through again. Logically, with the knowledge that I have of delegation and how it can help! I had to ask myself 3 hard questions:

  1. Is it really a strength of mine?
    It crossed my mind that a memorable way to contribute to my wedding day, would be to decorate my own wedding cake. What was I thinking?! This is not a strength of mine and this is not an effective way to channel my energy in the lead up to my wedding day. It would require exponentially more energy to try and pretend that this is a strength of mine, than it would to explain to a professional what we are looking for and how they can create something perfect for us.
  2. Do I love it?
    The things that we love to do will always be done better than those we don’t. I have had to stop and think about the tasks ahead and really think – is this something that I love and am going to focus on for the next 10 months? Or is it something that I just don’t love and that would benefit from being shared with others? Case in point: wedding invites into envelopes! I don’t think anyone out there could confidently state that filling, licking and sticking hundreds of envelopes is their life’s passion and simply could not be shared with anyone else! So this will be a group job – I will enlist some help to take off the pressure of the task and allow myself more time to spend on the other jobs.
  3. Is it something that I have to do?
    We get so caught up in planning in our day-to-day life, that it stops being a possibility that someone else could actually do a task perfectly well for us! Buying my wedding dress, writing my vows, selecting a wedding ring? Things that I definitely have to do! Booking the florist, confirming the venue, sending the invites? These are the things that I can delegate to my support network. By asking others to help with these tasks, I can focus on the things that I can’t delegate to others and enjoy them fully without the stress of all the other things hanging over my head!

I am back on track with the planning now and the next 10 months will be the fun, exciting and relaxing time that they should be!

Does anyone have any key wedding planning & delegating tips to help me out? Please comment below!