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My Dream Mother’s Day

Sadie & Harper

This post is in no way a hint for Tim (although feel free to review!). What I wanted to do was explore what my dream Mother’s Day might look like, as a way of finding out what is most important to me as a mother.

As I started the process, I thought other mothers out there may want to join in!

So, here are my top 10 things for a dream Mother’s Day – I’d love for you to share some of yours in the comments below.

  1. A real sleep in – at the moment, as a mother of a 4 year old and a 10 month old, I’m back in the cycle of craving sleep. When I’m talking about a sleep in, I’m talking about the house being absolutely silent, so I can sleep soundly and wake slowly.
  2. My children’s gifts – one of my favourite things is how excited our 4 year old Harper gets when she gives (and receives!) gifts. In fact she is constantly wrapping gifts for us and her sister Sadie, and then exclaiming with passion when she helps us open it. Even though she knows exactly what’s in it! It is one of those important things in life, to be as excited to give as to receive.
  3. Coffee – Tim nailed my Christmas present this year when he bought me a Nespresso machine. I didn’t think I needed or wanted one. Yet with a baby, how wrong I was. It has been amazing, and Tim knows he can always make me a cup of coffee and I will receive it with glee.
  4. Scones with jam and cream – I’m usually a fan of croissants for any special breakfast, and Tim is excellent at delivering this. However, right now, as I’m writing this, I’m picturing a huge plate of warm scones, raspberry jam and real whipped cream. I think it’s because this is what my Nan served up to me recently, but it’s what I’m dreaming of right now.
  5. Time to read a book – I love reading. If I have a good book, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and some dark chocolate, plus silence to enjoy it, I am pretty much set. I also have a pile of new books (ahhh, that new book feeling) that I just haven’t been able to open, which I would love to get to!
  6. A family outing – For some reason I’m leaning towards heading to a farmer’s market, wandering the aisles, and picking up some items that I normally wouldn’t grab. Then we can take it home and prepare something together.
  7. An afternoon nap – have you noticed that sleep is a theme with me. I could use the baby as my excuse again, but to be honest, I’ve always been rather partial to curling up in bed in the afternoon, reading a book and dozing. Without interruption. Bliss.
  8. A glass of wine & a good movie – to end the day I’d love to sit down in front of the TV to watch a movie that I have picked, no matter how girly or romantic, with a good glass of red (oh, and some dark chocolate again!).
  9. A full night’s sleep – I may be dreaming here, but hey, this is a blog post on my dream Mother’s Day! If I could choose, this is what I would want. I have a feeling a lot of you are shouting in your head “me too!”
  10. The thrill of knowing that I am a mum – I don’t think I will ever take it for granted, but on Mother’s Day in particular, I like to make sure I truly appreciate how lucky I am to be a mum in the first place. Two beautiful girls have come into our family, and I know not everyone is quite so fortunate. I know on my first Mother’s Day when Harper was 5 months old, I was quite overwhelmed by the fact that yes, I was really a mum! How lucky am I.

Family, sleep and food! This seems to sum up my priorities as a mum! And I’m not at all surprised. It really is a privilege to be the Mum in my very special family. Mother’s Day also reminds me of all the Mums that have come before me, and how important everything they have done has been in getting me to this, my fifth Mother’s Day.

Thank you to all the Mums, and Happy Mother’s Day!

What’s your dream Mother’s Day? Please share in the comments below.

  • jodi.mavrinac

    My dream Mother’s Day is to go back in time and have that time again where my son is once again a toddler and he comes running into the bedroom all excited and so proud of himself for what he has made me at Kindy. Time goes by so fast – now my son is to be 18 this year – i still get breakfast in bed with a cup of tea – and yes (hubby included) – all three of us and the dog all sit in the bed for a good chin wag and laugh – from one precious memory to another! Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mums out there!

  • Oh wow Jodi – this is perfect timing for me, especially as Harper is in kindy. I will do my best to really appreciate it all, especially the things she has made! I can’t believe he is 18 already! Enjoy breakfast in bed – it sounds like such a very special time. Happy Mother’s Day!