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My De-Cluttering Progress


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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Space Stress that is affecting so many couples around Australia (myself included!). With the help of some informative articles, I armed myself with a roll of rubbish bags, some great upbeat music and a very thick skin. I dove into the mess and clutter and attempted to clear it out.

I am nowhere near finished this giant task, but this is what I have learned so far:

There is SO MUCH MORE than I had thought

I don’t have a messy house. When you walk in the door, there are plenty of clear spaces, empty tabletops, and even some dusted surfaces if you have caught us on a good day! However, once I started looking into every little nook, cranny and crevice (often disguised as junk drawers!), the clutter was overwhelming and not so easy to ignore anymore. This is ok though, we just have to take it a little slower than we first anticipated.

Emotional connections are very hard to break

My logical self understands that I don’t actually need a very large percentage of the stuff that is in the house. My logical self understands that if I have not used something in well over a year, I am probably not going to use it. My logical self understands that if I have not framed a series of pictures and ticket stubs saved from high school…it is not likely that I ever will. My emotional self on the other hand?? My emotional self is needing a little help. It has been great doing this with Nick for exactly this reason. I am his logical self when emotions get in the way and he is mine.

It will be AWESOME when I am finished

As we make our way through the to-do lists, the drawers and cupboards are groaning a little less under their new weight load and the piles for throwing, giving and selling are steadily growing larger. Already I have a taste for the feelings being clutter free will bring and I love them! It is more than enough to help me persevere through the task.


DDIY* April – Clutter Courier

The next step for me will be a Goodwill trip with my bags of clothes & homewares in tow.

Lifestyle Elements’ DDIY for April is the Clutter Courier! As we are coming into winter, it is the perfect time to clear out your wardrobe for the changing season. Book in a time for us to collect and deliver your cleared out clutter between Monday April 20 – Friday April 24. Click here for pricing and date availability details.

Don’t forget to keep us posted with your de-cluttering progress below!

Good Luck!

*Don’t Do It YourselfDDIY (3)