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The Non-Traditional Office Space

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The work that we do at Lifestyle Elements makes for a very ‘non-traditional’ office setting! We are constantly in and out of the office and we all work from our own home office spaces, getting together to troubleshoot, brainstorm and work as team when required. I found a great article on Mind Body Green shared the author’s (Ilene Godofsky) best tips for when you are working from home. How to make the most of it, how to make it work for you and how to not go crazy!

These are the top three points of Ilene’s that resonated the most with me:

  1. Establish a morning routine
    I find that having a specific morning routine helps me to separate my work life from my home life and fulfils the same purpose as travelling to work does for those that work in an office. I get dressed and ready for the day, have breakfast in the living/dining area & then “commute” down the hall to my home office! At the end of the day, I can close my office door before “commuting” back down into the living area of the house for the evening. Work stays at work and home stays at home – hard to do when they are all under the same roof!
  2. Schedule your time
    Working on my own for the day means that scheduling my time is crucial. Without my ongoing To-Do list and a reminder system set up on my phone and computer, it is all too easy to lose sight of what needs to happen and where priorities lie. I follow two lists: one outlines the bigger picture of my week and what I need to achieve by the end of it. The other is a more specific day-to-day list that details my tasks and sets time frames to have them completed in.
  3. Love your workspace
    The best part about working from home is that the space is 100% yours! My office is filled with the bits and pieces that keep me motivated. I have music playing, a big bright window open and a series of pictures, thoughts and quotes that motivate me most. The area has everything that I need to complete a day’s work and I find that I only leave the space for cups of tea and lunch breaks!

Do you work from a non-traditional office space? How do you get through your work days productively?