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The Women In My Life – Abbie

International Women's Day - Sunday March 8thIn our second post celebrating International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March, we acknowledge the achievements that women have accomplished throughout the years and also embrace the opportunity to re-assess where gender equality still poses an issue around the world. This year’s theme is #MakeItHappen, “encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women.”

Following on from Carly’s post, I too wanted to share my experiences with the wonderful women in my life.

My Entrepreneurial Life – From nannying whilst I was at university, to starting my own business at the age of 23, I have been surrounded, and chosen to surround myself with inspirational women. From single parents starting their own business, to CEOs and academics, the women I have met through my journey have shaped and encouraged the steps I have taken. Without their inspiration, I can’t be sure if I would be 11 years along in my entrepreneurial life.

My Friends – I am lucky to have a wide range of friends who support and inspire me. The childhood friends I grew up with in the country, the high school boarding house friends, and the close friendship group I have formed as a result of Tim’s cricket club involvement. All of these friends who I am fortunate enough to be in contact with still today, are a great support to me as we have woven our way through becoming girlfriends, wives, aunties and mums.


Abbie with her sister-in-law Kylie, sister Ashleigh & mum Monica (plus Jai, Macy & Harper)

My Family – I have been brought up by some amazing, funny and caring women in my family. My Grandma and Nan who had their children very young and were still in their 40s when their first grandchildren were born. To my mum who was always waiting for us when we got home from school, and who wasn’t afraid to try new things and step out of her comfort zone, even travelling to Italy by herself in her late 40s, the first time she had been overseas. I always felt I could do whatever I wanted to do, girl or not, and I was always supported even if sometimes they really weren’t sure I was doing the right thing.

My Support & My Thanks

I feel so fortunate to live in Adelaide and Australia where we can seek out the lives we wish for ourselves and achieve our dreams. The many women who have gone before me, some whom I’ve had to fortune to meet in person, who carved out today’s workforce for women, makes me very proud. I am also proud of all the women today who continue to strive for gender equality and ensuring my generation, and the ones following, are able to make even more progress throughout the world. Thank you.

Think globally, act locally, #makeithappen

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