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Abbie, is it really that easy?


This week I attended our South Australia Telstra Business Women’s Awards Alumni Christmas drinks. I stood talking with Kym from Tour Barossa, whom I’ve now known for a number of years. She knew what my business was. She’d seen my Christmas promotion on social media. She is a busy woman who crammed a lot into her life.

Yet she still couldn’t quite grasp how it worked. How it really worked.

“Abbie, so tell me, how exactly does it work? If I was to get you to buy my Christmas presents, how would that happen?”

“Well, most of our clients know what they want to buy, so they send us through a list, usually with some back up options just in case. We then go and buy the presents, wrap them, and deliver them to you or wherever they need to go. We can even sneak them into your house when the kids aren’t around.”

“Really, Abbie. Is it really that easy?”

I have to admit I was a little stumped. “What do you mean Kym? Do you think we might buy the wrong thing? Do you think we might not wrap them as you’d like them?”

“No, no that’s not it. It just seems so easy.”

“Well, yes Kym, usually it is that easy.”

It was a perspective I hadn’t really considered, in my almost 11 years of running Lifestyle Elements. Usually I’m trying to anticipate or answer questions such as “well how do you pay for the presents?” or “how much notice do I need to give you?” or “how do you get access to my house?” or “how do I know how much time something is going to take?”. I was trying to anticipate every issue or hurdle our clients might foresee. I never really considered the fact that our service simply seemed too good to be true. It surely couldn’t be that easy.

In essence our business is that easy. Especially when it comes to Christmas shopping. Then again, it isn’t easy. Behind the scenes we might be frantically trying to find a shop that has a particular type and colour of stereo speaker in stock (me last year!). We might be on our mobile phones to each other to see who is going to be nearest to Marion Shopping Centre to pick up the last handbag in stock before 5pm. We’re probably checking our emails every half an hour for replies from clients or the inevitable last minute requests (most definitely me last year!). Getting your Christmas shopping done can be a juggle for us – we get very excited if we can tick off everything without a hitch in one go! Yet for you it should be that easy. You should be able to simply send through your list and then take delivery of the gifts. We may need to send you an email to update you on a variation in plans. We may need to call you to get an urgent answer if something is out of stock or in a different colour. However, most of the time we try to deal with all the issues so you don’t have to. It’s what we do every day. It’s our job. It’s what you pay us for.

So, is it that easy? Yes!

Want to send your Christmas shopping list through right now? Do it! Email us here.

Want to send us your shopping list, get us to accept a delivery for you, ask us to research new fridges or health insurance? Do it! It can be that easy. And just imagine how good it will feel to get all of that off your plate!