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The Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide


UPDATE: Check out The Ultimate Teacher Gift List In Pictures!

I have a lot of teachers in my life. At the end of each school year they often get quite a variety of gifts from their grateful students. Many times Tim and I are the beneficiaries of a selection of chocolates at his parents house when visiting in the holidays.

However, not everyone likes chocolate, and teachers don’t need chocolates from every student (although many have told me they are still more than happy to be given as much chocolate as possible!). I know teachers don’t expect anything, but many students and parents want to show their appreciation for the great work teachers do. So I got to wondering, what do teachers really want as gifts?

I’ve spoken to a few of my teacher friends, but now I need your help – I want to pull together the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide!

Your ideas will be added to the list below. It’s my goal to get 50 ideas on the list below – imagine if we got 100!

Please comment below or go to our facebook page and share your Teacher Gift ideas. We’d love to hear from Teachers, but also parents who have great ideas or have given a present that has gone down a treat.

**Edit – we will be updating this list as new ideas come in so please keep checking additions.

1. Good quality candle. (Karen, teacher) **popular**
2. Ornaments with teacher and/or child’s name on it. (Karen, teacher) **popular**
3. Fancy hand sanitiser, such as Jurlique’s moisturising hand sanitiser (Kylie, teacher)
4. Colour coded stationary. (Kylie, teacher)
5. Lovely mug (avoid “world’s best teacher!”). (Cindy, teacher)
6. Sincere letter from student. (Kingsley, retired teacher) **popular**
7. iTunes voucher. (Kingsley, retired teacher)
8. Thoughtful calendar. (Kingsley, retired teacher)
8. Homemade goodies. (Kimberley, teacher) **popular**
9. You definitely can’t go wrong with wine! (Jacqui, ex-teacher)
10. Handmade cards. (Rachel, teacher)
11. Personalised stationery, pens, pencils etc. (Rachel, teacher)
12. Photo of the class in a nice frame. (Romana, teacher)
13. Chocolate & nut basket ready for Christmas Eve nibbles. (Romana, teacher)
14. Coffee voucher (Cibo’s, Starbucks etc.). (Jenny, retired teacher)
15. Bottle of wine. (Jenny, retired teacher)
16. Mixed CD/USB with playlist and notes from students. (Rachel, teacher)
17. Selection of your favourite tea. (Rachel, teacher)
18. Westfield gift vouchers. (Rachel, teacher)
19. Hand creams. (Kylie, teacher)
20. Vouchers for massage or beauty treatments. (Kylie, teacher)
21. Personalised teacher stamp or sticker. (Nancy, teacher) – there are lots of other personalised teacher gifts here too.
22. Group voucher from all children for a weekend away. (Jodi, parent)
23. Scarves or necklaces. (Noni, teacher)
24. Coasters. (Kylie, teacher)
25. Cook book. (Kylie, teacher)
26. Fruit basket. (Kylie, teacher)
27. Pen/pencil holder. (Karen, teacher)
28. Gold class movie voucher. (Karen, teacher)

(**popular** means a number of people have suggested this)

……to be continued – help us with your ideas!