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8 Techie Tips to Staying Organised at Work – Guest Blog

If you find that you’re stressed out and overwhelmed at work, now may be the time to brush up on your organisational skills. Getting and staying organised can help you know what you’re supposed to do and when you’re supposed to do it. The best way to get organised and stay organised is to stick to a schedule. Plan out all of your meetings, ­assignments, and appointments and keep them written down in more than one place. A wall calendar is great to jot down quick ideas and information, but what if you’re not at your desk? Here are some helpful tech tips to get you organised so your work day will be a breeze:

1.      Invest in a Good Business Laptop

Keep everything work related safe on your work laptop and have a separate work email so you don’t have to worry about important documents or programs getting mixed up by the kids at home. Make sure your family knows that your laptop is only used for your job.

2.      Use an Online Calendar

Search online for a calendar application that fits your needs. Personalise it with color coded days and times for work items and other miscellaneous engagements. Some email programs come with a calendar to help you schedule things.

3.      Keep Notes at your Fingertips

There are several online note-taking websites and phone apps. The best thing is that most of them are free. You can create your own profile and even send your notes to other devices or as an email to a group of people.

4.      Set Up Task Alerts

You need an organiser that has the ability to notify you of upcoming events, and appointments. Search for a task manager online and easily download it to your desk top, handheld tablet, or smartphone. Setting an alarm will keep you on track and you’ll never miss an important interview or board meeting.

5.      Use Web Conferencing

Did you know you can collaborate on a specific project, layout, or proposal with your whole team? There are many web conferencing programs that can easily communicate with other the important items that need to be shared, linked, and saved to your computer. This helps the whole department stay organised when everyone has the same information in front of them and can access it at any time.

6.      Systematise Research

Researching for a project can be time consuming and productive but without an organised system in place for your notes, working on these projects can be frustrating. To stay better organised at work and with project notes, use a computer system that allows you to systematise your research on the Cloud. This means you can access your notes easily in an organised space with absolutely no fear of notes being lost, displaced or ruined.

7.      Keep Tabs on Your Finances

You can take your money skills to the next level. Use apps and programs for your grocery shopping lists, bank or credit union, or investment portfolio. These apps can help you manage your personal life, leaving more room to be organised and focused at work.

8.      Manage Your Time

Studies have found that through online time management programs, employees are more productive and organised when working on tasks. If your employer does not have a time management program, you can download one yourself to see how much time you take working on specific projects, in meetings and doing daily work. This can help you streamline your processes and help you become more organised.

What tips do you have for staying organised at the office?


Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology.

  • I am an addict and dependent on online calendars. It indeed keep things organised but it is also great to have a hard copy backup in case you cannot go online. Being well-organised reflects how you run your business. It is one factor that contributes a lot to success too as explained in the free business startup bootcamp I attended recently. I’ll definitely give the others on the list a try. Thank you for the list 🙂