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A Great Relationship Is Like A Great Pair of Shoes – Guest Blog

How so you ask?

Let me explain.  Now I know the girls will get this straight away, but guys, this can relate to you as well.

Shoes come in so many different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. They can be pointy, wide, long, or short, high-heeled or flat, boots or shoes, etc. Some will look great to start with, then after a while they may begin hurting, and blisters will appear, you need to wear band aids with them until you end up never wearing them again, or even throwing them out. (Ok I hear you…how dare I say such a thing.)

Others, you’ll know pretty much when you try them on that they’re not for you. Eventually from years of falls, cuts and bruises, sights of you staggering around in what appears to be a drunken state, when you hadn’t even touched a drop, you will have hopefully learned, what is really right for you. This is when you will amazingly come across a pair, when you least expect, that you will know are just what you’ve always wanted.

Let me ask you this: Think of your favourite pair of shoes. What makes them your favourite?

Now let me guess, you said something along the lines of “they make you feel great, and they look SO good on, go well with quite a few of your outfits, they compliment you, support you the way you want them to, and they make you stand tall and confident”. Not to mention all the comments and compliments you get – right?

How often do you find a pair that gives you all these traits? Not very often, hence why we have more than one or two, or for some, dozens of pairs. Not to mention how much they costs us as well as how long it takes to find such a pair.

Sounding familiar? Now I was talking about shoes right. Or was I?

I was, but I could also be talking about relationships. This is true for both shoes AND relationships.

Think about it. Think about your past relationships, and what you liked and disliked about them. Do you think that if you carefully looked at them all , you would have a fair idea of what you really want in a new pair…oops sorry, relationship?

And with that knowledge, does it make it clearer for you to know what you are looking for? It’s ok to try different relationships on, to see if they fit, and then if you decide if they don’t, to move on to the next until you find the one you deserve.

Yeah I hear some of you say it’s easier said than done, but it’s the same with everything in life. Hello? There are over 7 Billion people on this giant rock we share. Not that you will need to try that many on, but I think you should be getting my drift here.

You deserve that don’t you?

YES. Of course you do. As with the wrong relationship, blisters will appear, you will struggle to walk tall, the cuts and bruises and pain, within your heart, soul and feelings, will be there.

So when considering your next relationship, don’t settle for just any ‘shoe’.

Choose what you really deserve, because they could be with you for the rest of your life.


Jayson Mair is a Life Coach, ICS at Integral Coaching Solutions. Jayson has a unique and down to earth approach to his Coaching enabling each client to feel secure and comfortable during every session. His goal is to help each of his clients achieve their full potential and find what it is that they are searching for. LovinYou affiliate,