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5 Reasons to Try A Corporate Concierge

Corporate Concierge services are still a very new concept in Australia and New Zealand.

Many people view it as a luxury and can’t understand why they would offer a Corporate Concierge service in their organisation.

We have had such positive responses from the organisations we have worked for that we wanted to share with you 5 reasons why they are using a Corporate Concierge service.

1. Increased Happiness

Usually the impetus to implement a Corporate Concierge program comes from key staff experience stress and overwhelm. The organisation is seeking to manage stress leave, sick leave, the demands on staff outside of work and general unhappiness of staff. Once staff have access to a Corporate Concierge and start using the services, employers notice a dramatic improvement in staff satisfaction at work. Knowing that their Corporate Concierge is handling their list of personal tasks, and liaising with family members as needed, staff are able to focus on work without the guilt or worry of all the other things they have to do.

2. Attraction of Staff

Promotion of a Corporate Concierge service as part of your recruitment program is an attractive proposition. Such an offering demonstrates the organisation’s strong commitment to work life balance and the support provided to staff in times of need. In the current environment where demand for good talent is high, such a benefit is very attractive to new staff. Many organisations identify their Corporate Concierge program on their website or publish it in their recruitment advertising as a way to be seen as an employer of choice.

3. Greater Productivity

We all know that when we can focus on one thing at a time we are more productive. Having 101 things hanging over your head, knowing you just don’t have enough time to do everything, can be stressful. It means you are often chopping and changing between tasks, never getting anything finished. When staff know that a huge chunk of their to do list has been handed over to a Corporate Concierge, they can then focus on what they are best at and what is most important. This means greater productivity at work, and greater contentment at home.

4.  Holistic Wellbeing Program

One problem many of our clients have had prior to approaching us is the challenge in developing a wellbeing program that actually suits the majority of the staff they are trying to support. If people are pressed for time at home, organisations may think to offer cleaning, gardening or laundry services to help them. However, many staff may already have a cleaner, may not have a garden, or prefer to do their own laundry. Does that mean these staff miss out? Our clients have solved this problem by utilising a Corporate Concierge. Not only does it mean that staff are able to choose how their concierge time is used, it also creates more time for them to undertake other wellbeing activities such as going to the gym, volunteering or mentoring. Providing staff with more time through a Corporate Concierge program means that other aspects of your wellbeing program are even further enhanced.

5. Bonus for Clients & VIPs

Did you know that a Corporate Concierge service isn’t just for staff? Our corporate clients have chosen to use us in a variety of ways. They may offer our service as part of a package for their own clients for example, a finance company may support their staff by not only managing their accounts but also providing someone who can organise paperwork and run documents between different locations. Organisations may also choose to as a Corporate Concierge to assist VIPs. They could get us to pick up an international visitor from the airport and take them on a tour of the city. They could have us assist a guest speaker or interstate colleague during their stay. We might organise activities for the wives and children of visiting executives or lecturers. Such a service can provide real benefits to clients and VIPs and it also provides breathing room for staff who may have taken on these tasks themselves.

Taking the First Step

For many organisations, taking the first step to introduce a Corporate Concierge program is challenging. It may appear difficult to sell to key decision makers. It may be hard to explain this new service to their staff. It may be overwhelming to establish what the best way would be to deliver the program.

NEW 4 Week Corporate Concierge Pilot Program

We have recognised these stumbling blocks and created our New 4 Week Corporate Concierge Pilot Program. The program offers a variety of packages and provides a 4 week program so that organisations can have a true taste of what a Corporate Concierge would be like in their organisation, and evaluate it’s success.

The Corporate Concierge Pilot Program can include:

  • Standard Corporate Concierge services
  • An on-site Concierge
  • Tailored online communication portal
  • Introductory workplace presentation
  • Evaluation survey and report

 Like to trial a Corporate Concierge?

To find out how you can experience a Corporate Concierge, click here to receive further information.

There are limited places in 2012 so get in now!

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    Great post! I was quite unaware that corporate concierge services can be so much help to business. I am highly in favor of this service which makes managing errands so easier.