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6 Fitness Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents – Guest Blog

I often hear stay-at-home mothers saying they can never find time to exercise and often feel guilty that they can’t maintain their pre-baby exercise routine. Between breastfeeding, nappy changing and getting dinner ready, some parents struggle to even have a shower let alone get to the gym. Exercising whilst at home is possible; the answer lies in a little creativity.

Remember, exercising will help you tackle the tasks of being a parent as the emotional and physical benefits of exercising help you maintain a greater level of health and wellness – the best ingredient for a mother. Remember, 20 minutes of cardio is all you need for the day.

6 Ways to Train Whilst at Home with the Kids

1.     Get the Right Stroller / Pram

Invest in a jogging stroller pushing or pulling a stroller is an excellent work out. Have a break from the washing and find a good hill to go up and down.

2.     Put your baby on your back

If your baby is not yet ready for a stroller, put her on your back in a baby carrier (or front carrier) Adding ten kilos to your body when you go for a walk will increase the calories you burn, helping to get you back to your pre-baby body.

3.     Get the Kids Involved

If your kids are old enough, exercise together. Instead of taking the kids to the park and watching them play – go for a run or a rollerblade and have the kids bike next to you. If you can’t get out of the house, create a circuit in the back yard. Grab a skipping rope; create a push up and sit up area and get the whole family to work through the stations.

4.     Join a “mums and bubs” exercise group

Personal trainers, gyms and Pilates studios are offering child care facilities whilst mothers train. Parent-baby yoga classes are also available, which gives you another chance to bond with your child. Check out the Springday Wellness Directory for a service provider close to you.

5.     Watch the TV (Not for soap opera’s) but for an exercise DVD

Clear the living room floor and put on Yoga, Pilates, low-impact aerobics, or kickboxing DVD.

6.     Prioritise

Make exercise a priority. Sit down with your partner and schedule in some you time. You may need to get up half an hour early and go for a run whilst your partner looks after the kids.

Georgie Drury founded online personal trainer, health hub and wellness monitor Springday to help people set and achieve their health and fitness goals. She has helped thousands of Australians get ‘well-thy’ – and stay that way. See what all the fuss is about at

  • Truly an amazing article! Glad to stop by and I do agree with the tips shared.

  • dan

    The article is so true. It’s just so worth it to make the effort to exercise.