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5 Sure Fire Strategies to Overcoming Procrastination INSTANTLY & Effortlessly – Guest Blog

Do you Procrastinate?

Based on some figures, it is estimated that as much as 95 % of the people are prone to procrastination. Amongst them, 20 % of them are chronic procrastinators. How is procrastination affecting your rewards and profits? Your plans for the Year, quarter?

Procrastination is about putting off a task which we should do NOW for a later period AND doing something less important – think TV, Face Book, surfing the net… All the while our mind is continually reminding us that we need to do whatever it is we are procrastinating on!  Generally when procrastinating we focus on how we feel about doing the task rather than the end result.. And yet, doesn’t it feel amazing when we get it done and dusted?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

There are many reasons why we procrastinate…

  • Because we hate doing something For example that performance management discussions, cold calls, networking
  • Because we have so many priorities we just don’t know where to start
  • Because we are don’t believe we can do it…
  • or sometimes because we know we can but are scared of what the change will mean/bring
  • Because life is too short to invest time in something that is not fun

Hmmm, Zig Ziglar says:

“If you wait until all the lights are “green” before you leave home, you’ll never get started on your trip to the top.”

We all procrastinate to some degree and procrastination is can be useful. But when procrastination becomes chronic and results in stress and the non-achievement of your goals, then it is time to do something to overcome procrastination.

So – how do you help yourself? How do you make sure this quarter you move towards your end result??

Here are 5 simple techniques that will get your started or keep moving…

  1. Do 10 minutes of the task or read 10 pages or write 10 pages… After the 10 minutes you can stop… if you like but at least you have got it started
  2. Do JUST the next step – nothing more, nothing less
  3. Ask for help from someone who finds this task easy to do.
  4. Do it first, get it over and done with. Tell yourself when you get in tomorrow this is your FIRST task and nothing else. Your mind prepares you to get this work done
  5. When doing, just do, don’t edit, don’t fix… just get it done. Leave it for a few hours or a day… then go back to it and fix it up

Procrastination can cripple your results and increase the number of hours you invest in the work bucket. Focusing on this can also motivate you to ‘do it now’!

If you must procrastinate aim to procrastinate on low priority activities or do it deliberately.

Angie ‘Speedy’ Spiteri is the creator of Time Equals Money. She runs workshops on How to get your and your business into Flow!.  She can be reached on 0403970732 or email  Get a copy of her FREE report “17 Time Management Principles most of the World Highest Achievers use to create their Massive Success.” (Valued at $147) by calling our 1300491729. These reports are strictly limited so claim yours FREE now.

  • Brilliant suggestions Angie – I really like the ‘Do JUST the next step’ tip.  It removes the overwhelm and cuts even big goals down to size.  Another personal favourite is to set a ‘procrastination time limit’.  Decide how long you’re going to procrastinate for, set a timer and once it goes off, get on with it.