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Exercise – Spice It Up! – Guest Blog

As a personal trainer and an exercise lover, I’m often asked what is the best exercise option. Here is my research to date…

I have Stepped into Life (great if the sun is shining, but not if the sun shines too much and you have run away kids), had a work out in 30 minutes (Curves) and one in 29 minutes (Contours).

I’ve wobbled on power plates, Les Mill’ed every body program, free-styled and bootcamped. I have visited country gyms in New Zealand (where they keep their shades on … inside), swam in the Brixton Baths in London, Zumba’ed in New York and practiced yoga in Bali.

I’ve visited posh gyms, YMCA’s, ladies only and Melbourne boutique personal training studios. I’ve posed as a pregnant woman and bounced extremely vigorously on swiss balls at Preggi Bellies and donned a swimsuit to join the Aqua Mums.

I have mat pilated and reformer pilated and learned how to teach pilates using a GYMSTICK™. I have held chi balls and saluted to the sun, and watched my share of exercise infomercials (what else can you do while breastfeeding during the night?)

So what’s the best? What is the ultimate? What exercise option delivers on the promise and can surpass all others?

The answer is none … and all! We know that we should be putting together 30 minutes of moderate exercise most, if not every day, and if we are able to, enjoy some regular vigorous activity for extra health and fitness (based on Australian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults) – yet we are human!

The issue is not what exercise, but the how can we stay motivated to exercise? I love to quote the other Mish (Michelle Bridges) who once said, “motivation is like a bad boyfriend, never around when you need it!” Exercise needs to be enjoyable in order for it to be maintained for life.

Even the most innovative exercise program can tire and bore the exercise veteran. Les Mills, who are the “McDonalds” of group fitness, constantly re-invent and innovate what they already do well, so that the serial attendee as well as the casual gym-goer will be caught up in the momentum of “new” and return.

But I say gym junkie is so yesterday… I give you permission to become an exercise slut! Make a date with a friend, not for the movies, but for a free trial offer at a different fitness centre, or even a fitness fashion store, like lululemon that have complimentary fitness classes. Explore different walking and cycling tracks. There are some great ones now that have free exercise equipment out doors and available for all. Try to think of the things you enjoyed when you were younger eg: roller-skating or horse riding.

Don’t allow your exercise routine to get boring. Don’t let it become a chore that you “have” to do. Mix it up and reaffirm that variety truly is the spice of life.

Mish is the founder and CEO of mishfit. mishfit mothers is a specialised personal training program designed for pregnant and post-natal women, educating women on how to exercise safely and where their babies and children are welcome. mishfit is truly a family friendly small business and is now available as a franchise.

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