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Stuck In My Web #4 – Top List of the Top Lists 2011

As I started thinking about what I have been reading on the web this week, I realised, due to the fact that we are still at the start of January, and a lot of people have returned to work, that we have been bombarded with a lot of 2011 Top Lists. So, what better way to end this week, that to give you my very own Top List of the Top Lists for 2011.

It’s a mixture of the weird, the wonderful, the amazing and the funny.


  • Time Picks the Top 10 Photos of 2011 – aside from this list containing some amazing photos, I especially love that there is a story to go with each of them. My favourite is ‘Situation Room, White House, Washington’ by Pete Souza for two reasons. Firstly, because I actually remember seeing this photo and being particularly struck by it. Secondly, because don’t you always wish you could be a ‘fly on the wall’ in some of these situations. Here we get as much of a glimpse as we are ever going to get inside a tense and major event in the White House, seeing the expressions on everyone’s face.  I am however, disappointed that the vast majority of these photos are linked with something devastating or tragic. I’m glad the shuttle launch is included as a positive image.


  • Most Watched YouTube Videos by Australians in 2011 – I’ve included this list because it includes two South Australian news readers, Belinda Heggen and Mark Aiston which is quite funny. I believe this video made quite the sensation worldwide too. The number 1 watched video is quite interesting. Friday by Rebecca Black was a music video paid for by her mum. It then became the most watched video because someone with a huge twitter following claimed it was the worst video ever made. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you will put yourself though it!


  • The Best Productivity Tech of 2011 – Time Management Ninja – Time Management Ninja is my new favourite site, and I particularly enjoyed this post because 2011 was the year I got my iPad! Yes, it was a genuinely exciting moment for me when the delivery guy (finally!) arrived and handed me the little white box. I have since then devoured iPad app lists and technology recommendations. I’m glad Craig Jarrow agrees that the iPad2 is the best tablet around.


  • 11 Most Notable Names of 2011 – This list goes through popular baby names from the website and who has influenced these choices in 2011. It includes names such as Pippa and Kate as a result of the Royal Wedding. My final decision to include this list did come when I saw that Harper was one of the names on the list which is the name of our gorgeous daughter, born at the end of 2010, before Harper Beckham! I did have to laugh when I saw that Siri was included, Siri being the name of the personal assistant app on the new iPhone4s!


  • 50 Best Music Videos of 2011 – I’ve put this one in for the music lovers and film lovers. I myself couldn’t go past #50 with all the fluorescent colours and school kids, or the great vintage feel of #39. Unfortunately some of the videos aren’t available to view in some countries, but with 50 there is plenty to take a look at. Let us know what your favourite is!


To finish off, while we are on the music video topic, I am including one of my all time favourite videos which I am sure you will enjoy, even though it isn’t actually from 2011.


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