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Super Giggle & Super Hoot – How Super Are You?

Yes, I’m actually writing a blog post about Giggle & Hoot! And no, 12 months ago I had no idea who Jimmy Giggle & Hoot The Owl were! For those who don’t have kids or grandkids, or who are reading this blog post outside of Australia, Giggle & Hoot are TV presenters on the ABC’s kids channel ABC2. If the facebook page ‘I Could Teach Jimmy Giggle A Thing or Two’ is anything to go by, it is possible that the mum’s enjoy Giggle & Hoot more than the kids. However, my daughter got so excited when her cousin gave her a Hoot toy for Christmas (left), so maybe they keep everyone happy!

“Look Abbie, we get it, but why on earth are you writing a blog post about Giggle & Hoot?”

The great thing I am finding about kids shows is that they often have inspiring messages within the fun, games and music, messages not only for kids. Today I want to write about the Giggle & Hoot song, which is regularly played on ABC2, called ‘Super Giggle and Super Hoot’. Aside from it being a catchy tune which I regularly have stuck in my head, the message from the song I think is something key for everyone. Check out the video below!


“Every little thing can be a super thing!”

I love it! I find it particularly relevant in our business as a personal concierge, where our clients request a variety of tasks, both big and small. The key to being a great concierge and loving our job is that every thing, even the little things, are ‘super’ important to our clients, and so we have to treat every little thing as a super thing.

But there are so many really super people out there!

It is so easy in our lives to become overwhelmed with all the amazing things people out there are doing. I am inspired regularly, by people such as:

  • Blake Mycoskie from Tom’s Shoes (they donate 1 pair of shoes for every pair purchased),
  • Gemma Sisia who founded The School of St Jude in Tanzania, and
  • Nikki Durkin who is 20 years old and has started, and created a fantastic clothes exchange concept, along with her own online ‘button currency’!

These people are amazing, doing amazing things, and I wish I could be doing big, amazing things just like them!

But I’m not amazing. This running a business is hard work, and juggling a family, cleaning the house, remembering my mum’s birthday, not letting the pot plant I was given for Christmas cark it………..

……..then I hear Giggle & Hoot singing about their super little things in the other room (my daughter swaying to the music), and it actually makes me stop and think. Yes, there are many people out there doing big, super things, but really, all of these big super things are really just made up of lots and lots of little super things. The thing that makes these big things happen are the super little things that they, their staff, their friends, their family, their barista, their postman do every single day.

Blake Mycoskie didn’t come up with the idea for Tom’s Shoes one day and have a raging empire the next, and I certainly know (after attending a fabulous Business Chicks breakfast a few years ago) that Gemma didn’t build her school overnight. Nor, I’m sure, did Nikki Durkin have live and problem free in a day, or even a week, although she has done amazingly well in a short space of time. There were lots of little things that had to happen every step of the way. Perhaps the difference with the successful people (and I leave it to you to define your own meaning of success) and the rest of us is that they recognise that even the little things, or perhaps predominantly the little things, are super things and need to be approached that way.

How can I make little things super?

Many people write about ‘living in the now’ or ‘staying present’, including one of my favourite books, Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’. The premise behind this is fantastic, but often it is difficult to actually live this. It can be hard to understand or challenging and overwhelming to apply. So maybe one way to interpret this might be to simply think of all the little moments in our lives, the moment right now, as a little super thing.

Our lives contain not only big things such as weddings and birthdays and major events, but also the washing, mowing, paying the bills and buying a new broom. Often it’s the mundane stuff that gets us down, that we find boring, constantly thinking ahead to the next exciting thing in our future. We don’t concentrate on what we are doing now. We don’t realise that we can make everything we do super in some way, if we concentrate.

This idea makes me think of one of my all time favourite movies Mary Poppins (yes, for kids again!), and the song ‘Just A Spoonful of Sugar.’ Mary Poppins makes cleaning up the nursery ‘super’! They sing, and clap and laugh and play. Cleaning up the nursery! Now in my house, no matter how hard I click my fingers, I can’t seem to get the beds to make themselves and the toys to put themselves away. However, crawling into a freshly made bed or seeing a neat and tidy room sure seems pretty super to me!

There are also those little things that you can do for others that, although they may not seem a lot to you, can seem pretty super to the other person. One pretty super thing you can do for me is to do the dishes and wipe down the kitchen bench. I love, especially after a busy day, to walk into a clean kitchen. I certainly find that pretty super!

Do you think that becoming super like Super Giggle & Super Hoot might make a difference in your day?

Some tips for being Super!

  • Start with, and focus on, the little things. Making the little things super, can make a huge difference to your day and to those around you.
  • Identify some things in your day you really dislike doing or regularly get frustrated by and try to find something super about them, to make them easier. You never know, you may start to really like them!
  • Is there a super little thing you can do for the people in your life to make them feel super? You’ll probably feel pretty super yourself too.

“Being super sure is super, Jimmy!”

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