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Stuck In My Web #1 – Things I’ve Collected This Week

The internet is a treasure trove of information, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. On occasion I’m going to pull together some of the interesting, funny, quirky or poignant items that I come across and share them here with you.

If you discover anything you think our readers would enjoy, please feel free to forward it to me –


 I Find What Happy Women Get Right by Sarah Wilson – the author of ‘I Quit Sugar’ shares her thoughts on ‘getting enough me time’ and the concept of ’tilting’. Click here to read more about Sarah’s book.

Here’s The Secret to Motivation by Mia Freedman – Mia chats to Michelle Bridges on why the concept of why there is no secret to motivation.

A Few Thoughts on Thinking by Naomi Simson, CEO of Red Balloon, on thinking and how she thinks.

The Case Against Buying Presents by Leo Babauta of gives his ideas on why we shouldn’t buy presents this Christmas (it appears I have already failed!)

And to finish off, a beautiful video, simply titled ‘News’ by Don Rob.

News from Don Rob on Vimeo.

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