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7 Tech-Savvy Ways to Energise Your Exercise – Guest Blog

It won’t come as a surprise to those who know me that I am a bit of a gadget geek. I also regularly have good intentions about my health and fitness, but only sometimes can I commit and achieve my goals (the positive being that I do sometimes achieve my goals). Therefore, I really enjoyed today’s post from our first guest blogger, Sally Symonds. As Sally points out in her article, it is often easy to blame technology for making our lives busier, and therefore harder to exercise. However, there are ways to use technology to your advantage.

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7 Tech-Savvy Ways to Energise Your Exercise – Guest Blog
by Sally Symonds

Healthy Life Mentor and author of “50 Steps to Lose 50kg . . . And Keep It Off” & “50+ Recipes to Lose 50kg . . . And Keep It Off”

Most people strive to keep up with technology at work because – despite the initial hiccups – everyone realizes that technology helps enhance our lives by enabling us to do things more efficiently.  As someone who helps people lose weight primarily through online services, I’ve discovered just how many other tech-savvy ways there are to help people lose weight . . . and keep it off.

Use your iPad

Believe it or not, your iPad could be just as effective an exercise tool as your local gym class timetable. There’s now a Fitness Class App that gives you access to over 200 different fitness classes covering all kinds of exercise categories, equipment, and instructors. As well as trying classes in your own time and space, you can tailor your options to suit your specific requirements and goals—even if you’ve only got ten minutes to spare, Fitness Class will have something to suit you. Best of all, you can try seven classes for free, and then pick and choose your classes from just $0.99. It’s bound to be cheaper than the gym!

Explore the blogosphere

There are countless exercise blogs online, and many of them are a fantastic source of motivation, inspiration, and creativity. If you’re feeling bored with your routine or want to try something new, check out this list of 50 great exercise blogs. Whether you’re a keen runner, a dedicated cyclist, are starting to exercise for the first time, or prefer to get fit using a Wii, there’s bound to be a blog that can help you.

App yourself fit

Whatever your preferred way to keep fit, there’s an app to suit your needs. If you’re keen to break a sweat, try iPump, which features a searchable database of workouts using a variety of equipment, videos of every exercise, and the option to create and edit your own routines. If you’re after something a little more calming, download Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra, which offers videos for a range of fitness levels. Check out the top five fitness apps on the Apple website to get started.

Turn on digital TV

Exercise TV is a free digital network that offers all kinds of great health and fitness tips, lifestyle and nutrition advice, and videos from leading instructors. There’s a huge range of workout plans to choose from, and over 150 free workouts offered on demand each month. Even better, you can access Exercise TV via cable, the internet, or your mobile phone, so you’ve got no excuse not to get fitter when you watch TV!

Hit the TrekDesk

Sick of pounding the treadmill and then sitting behind a desk all day? With a TrekDesk, you can multitask like never before and get fit at your desk! A TrekDesk is literally a treadmill desk that lets you walk as you work, easily knocking over your recommended daily 10,000 steps while you get through everything else on your to-do list. Its benefits aren’t just physical: studies show that regular exercise improves memory and brain function, so using a TrekDesk could be the perfect solution for your mind as well as your body. TrekDesks are available from

Download a motivating music mix

MotionTraxx is a free workout music podcast. Its beat-driven tracks are perfect for keeping you motivated and focused when you exercise, and they suit all kinds of different workouts, from running to lifting weights or just dancing madly around your living room. And it’s more than just a soundtrack: MotionTraxx lets you choose music for different routines and fitness levels, and features intervals and audio cues that help you pace your workouts.

Surf your way slimmer

The internet is a boundless fitness resource these days, and more and more websites are appearing that offer fitness classes for you to try in the comfort and privacy of your own home.,, and are just some of the sites that offer either live or recorded classes for a range of different fitness levels and budgets. Just download your chosen class and try it whenever you’re ready. Whether it’s yoga or boot camp you’re after, it’s amazing what you can achieve withoutleaving the house!

It’s easy to think that our increasing reliance on technology is only making us more unfit, but the opposite could well be true. Technology has swiftly kept pace with the health and fitness industry, and there are now all sorts of electronic fitness solutions available, whatever your fitness level or preferred gadget.

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