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Balance Beam #4 – Time Equals Money

Welcome to our latest ‘Balance Beam’ work life balance profile, brought to you by Angie “Speedy” Spiteri from Time Equals Money.

Lifestyle Elements is passionate about showcasing organisations from Australia, New Zealand and around the globe who are implementing work life balance initiatives into their organisation. Our aim is to inspire you to seek greater work life balance inside and outside your business.

I hope you enjoy our latest ‘Balance Beam’ profile, and if you would like your organisation profiled on our blog we would love to hear from you. Please scroll to the end of this post for further information.

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Name: Angie “Speedy” Spiteri

Title: CEO

Company: Time Equals Money

Country: Australia

State/Province: WA

Years in business: 7

Number of staff including business owner: 2



1. What are some of the work life balance issues your organisation faces?

We aim to work part time ie between school hours. So making sure we get to what we need to do in addition to children, school, after school, home, cooking (not much cleaning I’m afraid!), socialising, looking good, time with the husband forces us to practice what we preach daily.

2. What work life balance initiatives do you have in your organisation, big or small?

To decide when it’s work time and when it’s not, and to do everything possible to enable this.

3. What have been the main benefits to your organisation of these initiatives?

More important work gets done so goals are reached. No sick leave! The kids have at all their school events and home (4 times out of 5) after school.

4. Have there been any obstacles or issues in implementing your work life balance initiatives?

Yes. Self imposed deadlines make you work longer than in reality is necessary at times. When others don’t deliver this too can impact on my work life balance.

5. Do you conduct any regular surveying or evaluation of your work life initiatives?

Yes… if I stop going the gym or I feel cranky… I know things are out of whack and it’s time to evaluate what is going to get done and by when, and what is not.

6. What are some of your own personal work life balance and/or time management tips?

My number 1 tip is learn how to plan effectively.

7. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Enjoy being with the kids – they are hilarious!

Going to dinner with my husband… and out with friends

I love fancy dress parties or formal dress up events.

8. Tell us about your organisation. What are the key services of your organisation and what is your target market?

What we do is help busy people go from ‘too much to do and not enough time’ to all ‘accounted for and in control’. We’ve been doing this for 7 years now and have brought relief to over 1000 people who have told us the 3 top things they learnt from us were:

  • how to recover time lost to inefficient practices,
  • how to get back in control of emails and use Outlook to manage and track all they need to do and,
  • how to plan so that at the end of the week they have accomplished more of what is important in less time and with less effort.

9. What is your role within the organisation?

To stop this madness we are all feeling. The lurching from 1 thing to the next, the rushing, the rework and errors. The long hours…

My job is to find out what is happening for you and your people and then to recommend short and long term solutions to help you with your time management problems once and for all.

10. Other comments, tips or ideas:

We are dedicated to helping people get great results in the time that they so they can get home relax and enjoy… both work and life!

Abbie’s Comments: “How many of us take the time to self-evaluate? Do you know it is time to change the first few times you miss things, or do you wait until it is complete chaos and overwhelming?”

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