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3 New Things To Outsource To Your Personal Concierge

One of the problems with being a personal concierge is that, as we are able to help with so many things, often people just don’t know where to start! Hopefully the list below will help with some ideas, get the juices flowing, and you can knock a few things off your ‘to do’ list by emailing them through to us!

  1. Toy shopping 
    This is quite a popular request, particularly when it gets closer to Christmas or when the Toy Sale catalogues start squeezing their way into your mailbox. One of the best ways to get the information to us is to sit down with a catalogue (or look them up online – most retailers have their catalogues online now. – you can zoom in and they often have extra information about the item) and just start listing each item, any details required, the page number it is on and then finally the price. If you have a budget, or what to ensure there is an even distribution for each child, have a page for each child, add up the total at the end, and adjust if necessary. Then simply email, fax or phone your list through to us.
    Bonus Points: For many of our clients we put their toy shopping on layby. Firstly, it means you don’t have to pay the total all at once, and we can be responsible for making the regular payments on your behalf. Secondly, it means the toys remain in store, rather than hidden on top of your wardrobe or behind the washing machine!
    Extra Bonus Points: You can also ask us to wrap the presents for you, separated for each child, and labeled as required. We can then deliver to you on the day and time that suits – usually just before Christmas and at a time when children aren’t at home.
  2. Dog Grooming
    Yes there are mobile dog groomers, but this means you actually need to be at home, and wait around while they do there work. For many this is great, for others it’s not all that convenient. Another option is to have your personal concierge pick up your dog and deliver them to a dog groomers. Your pet can then stay at the dog groomers, be pampered and primped, before being picked up and returned. This can all happen even if you aren’t home, returning to find a fresh smelling, happy pooch.
    Bonus Points: To save you some more time and ensure the health and happiness of your dog, we can also take them for a walk and a bit of fresh air. Nowadays many of our clients have their dog walking booked in on a regular basis.
    Extra Bonus Points: Why not get us to have your dog groomed while you are away? We are often caring for pets while our clients are away, feeding and walking them each day (or twice a day if needed). It is certainly worth having us arrange grooming during this time.
  3. Car Servicing or Crash Repairers
    Getting the car back to the dealer or mechanic is easy enough, it’s getting to work or home that is the problem, and then returning for your car. It is unusual to be offered a loan car. If you’re lucky your dealership may offer a shuttle service. If you’re even luckier the shuttle service may actually be able to take you to where you want to go! However, if this is not the case, many of our clients find it much easier to leave it to us to arrange. We can have two staff available, one to drive our car, one to drive yours, making it easy to arrange the transport to and from the service appointment. Plus we have all the relevant insurance to cover this type of transit.
    Bonus Points: If you need a lift, we can drop you to work on the way and pick you up on our return. Or you could arrange for us to be your chauffeur for the day. Hopefully more comfortable than a taxi, and you may even open the door to find a hot coffee waiting! Just let us know if you want to sit in the front and chat, or sit in the back and relax.
    Bonus Points: Not only can we arrange the car servicing, if you need your car washed and perhaps the interior cleaned, but don’t have the hour plus to hang around waiting (even if they do offer coffee), just get us to do it. We can even pick your car up from the office, get it cleaned and return it to you. You leave the office in a buffed and polished car!

Can we help you with any of these items? Book 1, 2 or 3 today! Or all 3! Contact Tim or Abbie – 08 8292 2286.

Do you have any outsourcing ideas? If you have any suggestions for how a personal concierge might assist you, let us know and we can share with our readers!

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