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Get Rid of the Niggles

Or outsource the small stuff first!

We all know about spring cleaning our house (whether we do it is another matter) but have you ever tried to spring clean your to do list?

Yes, I realise it isn’t spring, but winter is actually the perfect time to spring clean (not sure if winter clean is going to catch on) your to do list.

I can hear you – “Abbie, what on earth are you talking about?”

Well, what I am talking about is getting rid of all those little bits and pieces from your to do list that aren’t urgent or negatively impacting your life in any large way but that are constantly niggling you.

  • Do you have a door handle  that is broken, but you can still actually get in and out of the room?
  • Or perhaps you have a list  of digital photos you have been meaning to have printed and framed or put  in an album?
  • Maybe you have a pile of  old clothes you need to take to good will?

Aren’t you sick of thinking about these things and telling yourself “I must do that”? Wouldn’t it be such a relief if these things were done!

As a personal concierge, these are the types of things we love. We all know they are relatively easy jobs, and you are perfectly capable of doing them. But they are also the things you keep moving to the bottom of your to do list because they require a bit of organising, and bit of driving around and a bit of time but they aren’t all that urgent. The thing is YOU don’t have to do it – WE can do it!

We regularly hear from our clients what a sense of relief they feel when they email their to do list to us. No, they don’t feel relief when the job is done, although this certainly provides them with a high level of satisfaction. No, the initial relief is felt as soon as they send that email and they hear back from us that we can handle their to do list.  They love knowing that all those niggling tasks are finally being taken care of, and it’s not them having to do it!

What types of things are niggling you?

Here is a list of just some of the things we have done for our clients that were niggling them:

  • Getting the front fence patched and painted
  • New taps for the ensuite  basin
  • Rejuvenating a down quilt
  • Typing up addresses from a  handwritten address book
  • Taking the lawn mower to  be repaired
  • Moving an electrical  socket

Why don’t you email us and spring clean your to do list!  Tell us below, what is niggling you?

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