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A Day In The Life Of A Personal Concierge by Emma Jones

Emma Jones - Personal ConciergeEmma is a full-time Nutrition and Dietetics student which can be monotonous at times, but working casually for Lifestyle Elements as an assistant personal concierge makes her days exciting, challenging and rewarding. Although no day is the exactly the same for a personal concierge, here is an example of what Emma might do on a typical week day.

Could you use a personal concierge? Emma’s day shows just a sample of the many and varied tasks we complete for our clients. Could we take care of some things for you?

7.00 – Wake up, have breakfast (porridge with berries and a hard-boiled egg) make my lunch and get dressed. I make sure I have my bag packed with my uni books, water bottle and my access swipe card to the Lifestyle Elements Office.

8.30 – Drive to Flinders University and arrive just before 9am. Anytime after 9 and there is very little chance of finding a car park space!

9.00 – Walk to the library where I check my email for any updates from Lifestyle Elements, print off the day’s lecture notes, and grab a coffee from Hudsons with Uni friends.

10.00 – Sit through an interesting lecture on Metabolic syndrome.

11.00 – Have a Sociocultural issues in food and nutrition two hour tutorial session where the class discusses how our gender and age affect our food choices.

1.00 – Eat a salad and tuna wrap on the way back to my car and drive from Uni to the Lifestyle Elements office on South Road.

1.20 – Meet Tim Allen at the office and together review my tasks for the day, collect client house keys, the business credit card and a client’s ironing basket which Tim brought to the office that morning.

1.30 – Drive to Dyne in Daw Park to have a client’s pillow cleaned by specialists and make arrangements for them to contact Lifestyle Elements when it is ready to be collected.

1.45 – Drive to Country Road in Hyde Park to buy shoes for a client’s child using the business credit card.

2.00 – Drive to a client’s house and pick up their ironing basket. Water their backyard as there hasn’t been much rain during the week and lock the house as I leave.

2.30 – Drive to another client’s house and pick up their ironing basket, shopping list for the week and walk their energetic dog!

3.00 – Deliver each client’s clothes to Prestige Ironing Service in Magill to be ironed and picked up two days later by Tim.

3.10 – Drive to Indica Spa in Kensington to buy skincare products for a client.

3.20 – Drive to the supermarket to do the weekly grocery shop for a client, ensuring every exact product requested is bought. Go directly to the client’s house to put away the groceries. I also wash a few dishes left in the kitchen sink!

4.30 – Go to Haigh’s Chocolate Factory in Parkside to purchase Easter chocolates for a few clients. This shopping trip took 40 minutes, it was manic in the shop and would have been an arduous and time-consuming task for the clients!

5.10 – Buy milk for the office on the way back and highlight all the receipts from the day’s shopping purchases for Tim to do the accounting, return the client keys and drive home.

6.00 – Have a light dinner, change into my gym clothes and chat to my family about our day.

7.00 – Go to the gym with my friend and sister to catch up on gossip and do my favourite kickboxing class!

8.00 – Jump in the shower, dry my hair and work on a diet assessment assignment.

9.30 – Relax! Drink green tea and watch the tv with my family.

10.30 – Read in bed for a little while, and then go to sleep!

Could you use a personal concierge? Emma’s day shows just a sample of the many and varied tasks we complete for our clients. Could we take care of some things for you? For more information check out our services here or contact us to arrange a time to discuss how we can help.