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Are We More Stressed Than In The 60s?

Lifestyle Elements was recently featured in an article for Body & Soul. The question they were asking was “Are we more stressed than in the 60’s?”.

What do you think?

As mentioned in the article “we have appliances to do our chores, more leisure time than ever before and the technology to do almost anything we want at the push of a button. Compared to life 40 years ago, surely we have it easy. Or not.”

It is amazing though that as soon as we find more time we immediately have ten things to fill it up with. So much so that the concept of actually having “more leisure time than ever before” can actually feel impossible!

That statistics seem to make it pretty clear. “In 1969, 36 per cent of women reported being stressed, according to The Prospective Population Study of Women. Fast forward 40 years and that fi gure has more than doubled to 75 per cent.” Yes, we are more stressed than in the 60s.

So what can we do about it?

Hiring a personal concierge is just one option. Its about taking charge and making decisions.

For more hints & tips, check out the article here and hear more from Lifestyle Elements and a variety of other experts.